Console based email and Gmail, any luck?

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Mon Aug 8 15:18:41 UTC 2022

Jude DaShiell here.  This thread has been on mutt-users list too.  Likely
the best advice that came out of that was to have gmail forward all
inbound email to an account on another provider then handle that mail on
that other provider.  When I had an app-specific password in use, I got
sms messages on my phone every time I tried to use it.  Something else to
consider is that app-specific passwords have already been bypassed by
d.p.r.k. state malefactors and they're reading all the email traffic of
selected targets on gmail.  The best option ultimately will be to no
longer use gmail and disable those gmail accounts so you don't get charged
when your inbox exceeds google's limits.

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