Voting: Which game would you like to have on Linux?

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Sun Feb 27 20:39:42 UTC 2022

Now that you mention it, arrows to move around the board and shifted
arrows to shift the board does sound like an elegant, one handed
control scheme for 2048. Using modifier keys on the arrow keys never
occured to me, possibly because I can't recall a program that ever did
anything with such beyond the standard "hold shift and use navigation
keys to select text" function most are familiar with.

Mastermind... That's the game where one player has 10 turns to guess
the series of 4 colored pegs the other player selected, and at each
turn, the Code master indicates how many of the guess's colors are in
the answer and how many ae in the correct postion? Memory is a bit
fuzzy since I was in highschool or possibly even middle school last
time I played it, and it's beennearly 17 years since I graduated high

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