[et-mgmt-tools] More Cobbler, Koan and Xen questions

Foreman, Tim tforeman at ibsys.com
Tue Mar 6 19:20:54 UTC 2007

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> Yup, that's true.
>> Then I did a "koan --virt --server=servername --system="
> Sure, IP's are fine too.   
> Even though koan has nothing to do with PXE, the requirement for 
> "--system" parameters to be resolveable to IP's or MAC's is 
> grounded in that. So one or the other and you are good to go.
>> Maybe what I need to do is run a manual install with no 
>> kickstart file and see what's in that anaconda.ks. I might be
>> missing something still.
> I'm pretty sure that's it.    When you do find out, if you can, share 
> what you found -- somebody else might have the same problem.

Well, that's interesting. Explain this if you can. :-)

I created a new profile that uses the empty default.ks file. I added a
system that uses that profile.

I ran koan and did an interactive install. Then I copied the
ananconda-ks.cfg file from that sucessful install to the cobbler box.

I edited the anaconda-ks.cfg file to change the hostname and IP address
and to enable the disk partitioning section. That's all I changed.

Then I created a new profile to use this anaconda-ks.cfg file and added
a new system using that profile.

I kicked off another koan session using this new profile and system.
Guess what it did?

It started running an interactive install again!

I see in the web server log that it is requesting the ks.cfg file, and
I looked at the file it's requesting and saw that it has the right info
in it.

I also can't figure out how to make 'cobbler status' work. I have a
cobbler_track dir, I path everything through it, and 'cobbler status'
returns no data.

Any ideas?

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