[et-mgmt-tools] More Cobbler, Koan and Xen questions

Foreman, Tim tforeman at ibsys.com
Tue Mar 6 20:15:09 UTC 2007

> You have to run "cobbler sync" after hand-editing any files, whether 
> those are kickstart files or files in /var/lib/cobbler.   So 
> it's still using the old file.

Of course I did a "cobbler sync". But just to make sure, I ran it again
just now and re-ran koan.

Well hell, now it's working. I'm 99% sure that I ran "cobbler sync" last
time, but now it works.


I'll have to test it some more.

>> I also can't figure out how to make 'cobbler status' work. I have a
>> cobbler_track dir, I path everything through it, and 
>> 'cobbler status' returns no data.
> The "cobbler status" / logging stuff works based on who things:
> (A) remote syslog data, which currently is set to use port 25150 in 
> /var/lib/cobbler/settings.  If a firewall is in the way, 
> that's probably it.

No firewalls in the way here.

> (B) file requests to URL's that start with /cobbler_track; these are 
> logged by a mod_python filter handler that cobbler installs.
> Part (B) is disabled on non-python2.4+ systems because the mod_python 
> filter handler doesn't work very well there.   In later versions and 
> Fedora, as well as the coming RHEL5, they should be fine.

Ah. I'm on a python 2.3 box, so "cobbler status" isn't going to work for
me then.

Thanks for the help.

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