fsck.ext3 reporting large file I cannot find

Andreas Dilger adilger at clusterfs.com
Wed Apr 4 19:28:47 UTC 2007

On Apr 04, 2007  10:57 -0700, edmond rodriguez wrote:
> I am checking a file system (ext3) as shown below.  It is actually a fresh file
> system, as I had deleted all partitions and created an ext3 file system.  But
> when I run the check with the verbose option, it says I have one large file. 
> Am I missing something here, or is it odd that I cannot find this large file it
> is reporting?  I reviewed some documentation on ext3 file systems, and
> experimented with different sizes and formats, but finally decided to post
> (after reviewing archives).  Is this "large file" just a private file used by
> the file system itself, or maybe the journal?  It is a large drive (500GB), so
> maybe a large file got generated which normally might appear smaller on a
> smaller drive. 
> I tried ls -sal and other flags with ls looking for the large file.  I also ran
> dump2fs, although the output can be somewhat complex.

"find /mount/point -size +2G -ls"

Also, "debugfs -c -R stat <7>" - it might be the resize inode.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Software Engineer
Cluster File Systems, Inc.

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