Cataloguing & Converting Bluecurve Icons

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Mon May 22 21:04:42 UTC 2006

Hi Everybody,

So with Diana's help, I've put everything we've got as far as Bluecurve icons up 
on my website:

The only ones not included here are the ones I've created or modified which I've 
put up in the wiki:

I think there is a real need to catalog these, in an Inkscape-compatible SVG 
format, and make it easy for anybody to

(1) grab the artwork they need
(2) contribute changes / tweaks / improvements
(3) contribute new icons

As I create new icons, I'll be putting them in the wiki, but... I don't think 
that is especially scaleable, considering the number of icons we have. Does 
anybody have any ideas as far as how we can catalog these images nicely? Are 
there any FOSS photo gallery apps that maybe have revision control built-in?

My first thought is to simply set up a svn or cvs repo with a nice web frontend 
for people to browse & grab the icons... but I'm afraid setting up svn/cvs and 
learning all that crap will be a big barrier to entry for new artists. Maybe 
there is a web frontend for a revision control system that lets you upload new 
revisions from your browser?

Any ideas greatly appreciated :)


Máirín Duffy <duffy at>
Interaction Designer
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Westford, MA

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