New Fedora GTK Theme

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Sat Nov 11 23:02:01 UTC 2006

>> Hi Andrea, you've posted on the right list, but most themers seem to
>> insist on using fedora-art-list instead, so I'm pushing it there

No, fedora-art-list *is* the appropriate list. fedora-desktop-list is 
more aimed towards development discussions (although in practice its 
less focused.)

>> Le samedi 11 novembre 2006 à 17:17 +0100, Andrea Cimitan a écrit :
>>> Hi community,
>>> 	I'm Andrea Cimitan (aka Cimi), a gnome themer from Italy. :)
>>> Probably you had known my name in, there I'm Cimi86, and
>>> I've created a lot of themes like Murrine GTK2 Cairo Engine
>>> (,
>>> and Candido Themes.

Cimi, thank you for starting this discussion.

I don't think that this is a matter of the 'art team making a decision" 
though. This is a matter of there being absolutely no process. There 
isn't any defined process to get artwork & themes into the distribution 
right now. This is a very old problem so let's just trailblaze through it.

It seems quite reasonable to at least include this theme engine in the 
distro via Extras if not in Core, as long as someone is willing to 
maintain the package. Would either you or Leo be willing to maintain it? 
If so, you may want to ask someone like Jesse Keating or Rahul about the 
process of getting it into the distribution.

> I have actually suggested to use Murrine Engine¹ quite a while
> ago. However seems some people are confused with engine and theme. And
> to be honest I haven't find a good document to clear this confusion.

(The reason this did not happen for FC6, Leo, is because you proposed it 
far too late in the release process and there just wasn't enough time. 
Your proposal was 17-Oct and the actual release of FC6 was 24-Oct - 
changing the theme is something ideally we would want in by a test 2 
release, not a week before final release o_O. There is plenty of time 
for FC7, though!!)

Where the art team comes in I believe is picking out a default theme for 
Murrine. Can you suggest some nice ones, Leo or Cimi? We haven't decided 
on a theme/style for FC7 yet but once we do I think that'd be the 
appropriate time to specify the colors for the theme.

Does anyone oppose moving to the Murrine engine?


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