a sketch

Jon W. Bius biusj at fayettevillenc.com
Mon Dec 1 19:32:50 UTC 2003

Here....... try this one. http://linux.bius.net/images/go-f.png

The slogan can be "Go 'F' that other OS!"

Hehehehehe ;-)

Seriously...... I never use the Main Menu on the panel..... but the
users of the other OS are familiar with the concept of "go" and "start",
etc. Could just as easily contain the "F" in the Fedora font. (If I
could ever find out what the font actually is.... anyone? anyone?


On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 13:47, Steven Garrity wrote:

> Fernando Fernandez wrote:
> > heres a sketch
> Think you might be getting a bit ahead of things - adding a new icon to 
> the "start" button would effectively introduce a new logo for Fedora. 
> While it can't hurt to experiment with some ideas, we should either come 
> up with a non-branded icon for that control (a green 'go' 
> button/light/arrow?) or agree that we need a logo.
> I like the idea of getting branding out of areas like that (start 
> button, throbber, etc.). People don't need to be reminded every day that 
> they are using Fedora - they know (and if they don't, then we must be 
> doing well).
> Steven Garrity
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