Desktop Graphics Approval committee?

jason pratt themadtux at
Wed Dec 3 00:48:57 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 09:45, Jon W. Bius wrote:
> Exactly. It's really something that falls outside of any single
> distro's sphere..... again, KDE-Look is a good model of a site that
> eases the process and has a strong community. But there is a need for
> an easier way to really have the "after-market" theme process take
> off.
> Unfortunately, it's easier to find ideas than talented developers. I
> wish I knew how to do something like that in a reasonable amount of
> time.
> Anyone know of any projects attempting something like this? Might be a
> good way to contribute to that AND Fedora, in a somewhat roundabout
> way.

hmm.. i'm ok at webdesign :) I've done a few in my time. I'm good with
photoshop, I'm sorry I can't use gimp, I just can't get used to it's
interface. if we had someone to do php stuff and javascript, we could
easily bypass ;)

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