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Re: RFE: more FC4 Requests


> No I cannot submit my packages to the fedora.us repository, my current 
> packages work for older Fedora release, older Red Hat release and RHEL. 
> Submitting it to fedora.us is simply not possible because fedora.us has no 
> standards to allow for that. I've proposed some more stuff at the very 
> beginning, all utterly ignored.

Dag, you know I love you.  But please represent the fact as it was and
is:  fedora.us never had the goal to build for all the targets you build
for.  It's that simple.  Thus your "stuff" on that particular matter was
not ignored; it just did not align with the goals for that particular

As for other stuff that might have been ignored - possible, and no sense
in dragging it up.  But if we are all to cooperate peacefully we should
at least give our jabs at the past a rest.


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