reducing distribution CD count

Matthias Saou thias at
Thu Feb 24 16:50:35 UTC 2005

Elliot Lee wrote :

> On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Gene C. wrote:
> > 1. I agree with those who want to expand the FC4 set to 5 CD images and
> > then put the big reduction effort into the FC5 timeframe when anaconda
> > can/should be able to handle multiple "respositories"  (and, homefully,
> > pup also).
> Something that needs to be mentioned - it was decided that it was better
> to go to 5 CDs for now than to kick eclipse and the Java stuff out.  
> However, there is plenty of other stuff that can be moved to Extras right
> now, and as you've seen that has already been happening (maintainers 
> still wanted for some of that stuff!).

For clearly obsolete stuff (input methods...) I really don't mind packages
being removed, but I see at least 3 issues with what got dropped :

- Exim was removed... it's tiny, and was in FC3, so that's
  probably a bad idea.
- Xfce was removed... this leaves FC with no lightweight desktop
  manager, and it was in FC3 AFAIR, so again...
- Both tuxracer and bzflag were removed, but many people (Havoc,
  Alan) definitely want at least one good 3D game to "show off".

I don't have strong feelings about sylpheed, abiword/gnumeric and most (if
not all) of the others, but for these 3 points, I definitely do.


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