Meaningless name (was: Re: rpms/xchat/devel ...)

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Thu May 31 20:09:29 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 19:57 +0000, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Matthias Clasen <mclasen <at>> writes:
> > So the two of you simply decided that it would be better for everybody
> > if the menu item changed from the (somewhat cryptic, but informative)
> > "IRC" to the totally meaningless "X-Chat" ?
> X-Chat has a meaning, it's the particular IRC client called X-Chat. There's 
> several IRC clients in Fedora, including one called xchat-gnome which several 
> people think should be the default (in fact, I'd LOVE for it to become the 
> default, not because I actually use it, in fact I hate it, but because that 
> could lead you to leave the regular X-Chat alone!), so "IRC" is very vague as a 
> menu entry.

Yes, IRC is not a very good menu item either, "IRC client" would be a
bit better, except you really don't want "clients" in the menus. But I
stand by my claim that X-Chat is totally meaningless to regular users. 

> And KDE actually displays "X-Chat (IRC client)" if the user preferences are set 
> that way. Why does GNOME _still_ not support GenericName years after this 
> specification has been supposedly agreed on? IMHO, the real technical problem 
> lies there, mangling .desktop files like this is just papering over the 
> problem.

Because nobody implemented it ? Yes, that is not a great answer, but
just ignoring the fact in the name of blind guideline compliance is not
moving us forward.

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