Disable IPv6 by default.

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson johannbg at hi.is
Thu Sep 13 20:03:49 UTC 2007

> On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 18:19 +0000, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
>> "IPv6 service currently is not available to the vast majority of
>> residential DSL and cable customers in the US."
>>  ==
>>  "US-only distribution?"
>>  == ???
>> Me not compute!!! error error, logic error :)
> I know you see it, let's not pretend not to see what I meant.
>> But then again that the Fedora/Redhat HQ based in US
>> Does affect awful lot of ( Legal ) things..
> Unfortunately this is an imposition from outside we can't do much about
> for now. But that's a completely different thing. I am worried about
> people that think that the only country that matters is the USA. The
> world is really bigger than that, and probably soon most users of free
> software (if not already which is probable) will be located outside of
> USA+Europe.
> Simo.

Be it as it may which continent will use most of the GNU/Linux hopefully
GNU/Linux will be ruling the world in the near future :)..

But the questions are.

Should we or should we not disable IPv6 during installation/Anaconda

Should we or should we not allow the user to decide during installation (
Anaconda or after installation S-C-N.

     * Default left as is support both
     * User can choose whether he wants to use either IPv6 or IPv4
     * If users decides to choose either one the other one is properly
       turned off!
     * If user choose either one and service explicitly depend on either one
       the system could notify the user like..

     Service A could not be started because it relies on IPv6 and IPv6
     is currently  disabled! To use this service ( service A ) please
     enabled  it in system-config-network and then restart the service
    ( Service A )

If we decided not to allow the user to choose, were are we gonna
draw the line on how *smarter* then the user is the system is supposed to

Look at M$ it takes all the intellect user decisions for the users and
then questions everything else the user does ( are you sure you want to do
this and that )!!!!

When user is given option to turn something on ( enable/disable/start/stop )
the "program" is started and everything that relies on it as well or on
demand and when that "program" is stopped then it and everything related
stop programs should be notified and that option in them should be turned
off so they can stop waiting and wondering if they receiving instruction
regarding something that has been turned off.

If not were just waisting resources...

Best regards
         Johann B.

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