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Xfce SIG?


I'd like to do a bit of informal polling here and see if there is
enough interest in forming a Xfce SIG. 

Right now, I maintain the Xfce packages and help with plugins, 
Christoph Wickert maintains all the plugins and helps with the main
packages, and Rahul Sundaram maintains the Xfce spin. 

Are there enough other people out there interested in Xfce to make
forming a SIG worthwhile?

I have been really busy of late and would love some help with a few of
the Xfce enhancement bugs at least: 

433573 - RFE: add mixer and trash applett to the default panel config
(needs clean patch)

433838 - RFE: Fedora icon in desktop menu
(has a patch, but somehow is not working fully right). 

Ideas, patches, suggestions are always welcome, but if there are enough
folks out there that want to contribute we can form up a SIG. 

Feel free to email me directly or followup to this post to show your



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