[Fedora-directory-users] Admin Console fails to start

Tay, Gary Gary_Tay at platts.com
Mon Jul 11 05:02:13 UTC 2005

Did you use "localhost" as the hostname during the installation? Rather
than the FQDN.

Did you try "startconsole -D"? The debugging mode, to gather more info.

Did you add FQDN of ldap server as an alias to /etc/hosts? in case it is
not resolved by DNS.


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First of all a Hello to everyone here on the list from a new user.

After figthing heavily with startconsole after my rpm installation on
FC4, I finally found out, why the console did not want to start.

I made sure, everything, what needs to be installed is so and I surely
re-configured the whole thing more than 20 times :-)

Webaccess to the admin port was well, ldap server responded but
startconsole did not want to run - all the time this error with
"unexpected token..."

I made sure, during the setup I used a FQDN - no chance.

But then: I simply called ./startconsole -a http://localhost:23711

...and it works!

I think there is still some bug around, which simply swallows the
domainpart of the hostname, because it still showed
http://mymachine.[none]:27311 when calling ./startconsole without the

Maybe this helps other users to save some time and troubles ;-)



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