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Karsten Wade kwade at
Fri Jul 30 00:55:58 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 17:18, Tommy Reynolds wrote:
> Uttered Karsten Wade <kwade at>, spake thus:
> > Following up on this theory, I looked around for an obvious
> > configuration or information bug at and
> >, and nothing jumps out
> > as a reason people would be lead to this list for generic questions. 
> I started with the link and made my way to 
> by clicking on the "Docs" button on the introductory page.  Here the
> Documentation Project is mentioned twice, with two links.
> Unfortunately, there really no documentation available on this path,
> but following the link gets me to the "Docs Project" page.  Still no
> user documentation, but nothing to indicate that real user-level
> documentation isn't just another click or two away.  
> I suggest putting a notice on the "User Documentation" page there at
> these are now the pages to _obtain_ on-line documentation but the
> place to _create_ it.  Something along the lines of "no user
> serviceable parts inside" message.  Maybe "Do you want to be an
> author? Join our mailing list!" would be sufficient.

Good point, and exactly the type of concept disconnection we were
looking for.

Below I combined Tommy's and Paul's ideas, at least for the mailing
list.  I don't know off hand how one goes about changing content on

This is cc:'d the list owner.  Warren, can we make changes to the
mailing list pages along these lines?  Everyone, speak up to fix the
language here, or don't and let Warren make the changes verbatim:

Under "About fedora-docs-list":

"The Fedora Docs Project is for writers and testers of documentation for
Fedora Core.  The fedora-docs-list is for writers to discuss
documentation.  For technical answers information, use <a
href="">fedora-list at</a>."

I think the blurb on, "For
participants of the docs project," is probably good enough.

If we really want to drive the point home, we can put this blurb in the
"welcome to the mailing list" message emailed to new subscribers.  This
is a nice thing to do for people, letting them know right away what is

"Fedora-docs-list is for writers interested in creating and editing
documentation for Fedora Core.  This is not the place to obtain
documentation or technical help, other than help using the Fedora Docs
Project toolchain.  If you need help using Fedora Core, use fedora-list;
subscribe at"

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