Updated Server Guide for Fedora Core 5

Miles Brennan miles at brennan.id.au
Sun Jul 2 12:34:11 UTC 2006

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Paul W. Frields wrote:
>>> 1.  The document is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA, so you would need to
>>> relicense it as OPL 1.0 [2] for the Fedora Documentation Project to use
>>> it.

I've had a read of the OPL, am I able to choose options with the license?

>>> 2.  The document would benefit from style editing.
>> While I don't disagree with your comments,
>> I would be much more enthusiastic about this document.

That's ok, I knew what Paul meant.

> I did use the word "commendable" in there somewhere... ;-)  These days,

I did note that ;-)  thank you.

> I usually withhold my more blatant and gushing enthusiasm until such
> time as additional folks step up to help whip these documents into
> fighting shape.  Looking at our contributor list[1], I see a lot of
> names that popped up for roughly five minutes on the mailing list and
> then were never seen again.
> Would you be interested in joining in the effort[2]?  Your enthusiasm
> could be contagious if followed up with some elbow grease!  :-)
> = = =
> [1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Contributors 
> [2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/NewWriters 

The document didn't get submitted last year because I didn't have time
to bring it up to the latest version (FC4) and to then start preparing
for the next revision before it's scheduled release.

May I suggest that we possibly prepare this document "as is" for FC5,
obvioulsy fixing any major technicalities, and then start working on the
next revision ready for the final release of FC6. This may also allow me
time to finish off the extra 3 chapters on my TODO list.

My wiki account is "MilesBrennan" and my cvsdocs is "mbrennan" (waiting
I hope you have a good backup, I have used neither of these before ;-)

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