Seeking clarification on the FDSCo Elections

Karsten Wade kwade at
Fri Feb 2 22:42:04 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-02-02 at 09:45 +0300, John Babich wrote:
> FDP Team Members:
> I appreciate that FUDCon 2007 is starting in Boston today. I wish I could
> be there, but I still plan to attend via IRC and any blogging being done. It
> should be a great time for all.
> Although this is a very busy time, we need to clear up a few confusing issues
> regarding the FDSCo elections.

Thanks, John; you are quite correct.  Here's a quick snapshot answer,
and we can meet on #fedora-docs tomorrow anytime to clear it all up.

> I am referring to three documents:
> 1. "Nominations now open, Elections for FDSCo 2-Feb to 12-Feb",
> 2.
> 3.
> First of all, full disclosure: I am a candidate for this election. :-)
> This is how I understand the election based on these documents:
> 1. All 7 seats on the FDSCo are open for re-election (as stated in doc #1).
> 2. Therefore, each qualified voter gets up to 7 votes, 0-7 of which are
>     cast for each candidate.  For example, I can cast all 7 votes for one
>     candidate, or distribute them how I please among all the candidates,
>     as long as I do not exceed 7 votes cast (stated in doc #2).
> Implicit in this
>     is that a candidate can vote for one's self.

I'm not sure this is possible in the current voting scheme.  I think it
is one vote max per candidate.  We'll have to get Toshio to clear this

> 3. I cannot vote for someone who has not self-nominated on the Nominations
>    page (doc #2).
> 4. If 7 seats are open, 9 candidates must self-nominate (doc #2).
> 5. According to doc #2, the deadline for self-nomination is passed (3 days
>    before 2 Feb is 30 January).
> 6. Consequently, there are now only 4 candidates, including myself, as of
>     the time of this writing (doc #3).

Well, five, I forgot to put mine in.  Oops, missed the deadline.
Typical Karsten. :)

> 7. According to doc #2, the voting is therefore automatically postponed one
>     week from 2 February, making the new date 9 February for the election.


> 8. This is in the hope that 5 more candidates will self-nominate by by placing
>     their own names on doc #3.

We need to approach some people who are hesitant about putting
themselves in.  Relative newcomers are welcome, but may not know it.

> 9. If there are still less than 7 candidates, then voting will take
> place with the
>     number of candidates posted (doc #2).

Yes, but we can review if this still makes sense.  We are not in such a
hurry as to require making bad decisions. :)

> Now, please clarify the following points:
> 1. Since we are a global community, are we referring to these dates as
>     beginning on 12:01 AM (0001 hours) UTC (also known as GMT) or by
>     another standard? In other words, will voting now take place on 9 Feb
>     at 12:01 (0001 hours) UTC?

We have always used the 23:59 UTC on the calendar date specified.  Makes

> 2. WIll the next wave of self-nominations close on 6 February or 9 February?

Ouch, I cannot figure this out right now, brain tired.  Let's decide
this in the morning.

> It may be fortunate that the voting period was extended automatically, so that
> we have the opportunity to clarify these points. I'm sorry that I
> didn't grasp the
> situation right away as I am very busy at work at the moment.

Thank you much for catching this; been an unexpectedly busy week for

> Once these decisions are taken regarding this election, I further suggest that
> we post them prominently on the nominations page, along the lines of:
> 1. You have seven (7) votes.
> 2. You may cast anywhere from 0 to 7 votes in total.
> 3. Cast 0-7 votes for each candidate up to 7 votes.
> etc.
> Best Regards and Enjoy FUDCon,


- Karsten
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