[Fedora-electronic-lab-list] Now focussing on FEL 11

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 16:35:03 UTC 2008

Hello there,

We have discussed previously the entrance of the following packages:
* systemc - license issue
* electric - java issue, sun java is still not an option
* tkgate - local issues upstream doesn't want to fix.

Aanjhan, any news about electric ?
Thibault, any news from tkgate's developer?

As for the "systemc", after much back and forth between, TomCallaway,
Red Hat legal and the OSCI (the
SystemC people), they decided not to make any changes to their
license, due to the cost and time it would take to do so.

TomCallaway has added the OSCI SystemC License to the Fedora Licensing
list as a Bad License, due to its non-free status. Thus systemc will
not go into FEL collection.

Today, Fedoa10 Preview will be released. And at the end of this month,
FEL10 will be officially out, with the release of Fedora 10. I would
like to thank ThibaultNorth and Aanjhan for their enormous help during
the FEL10 development cycle, as I was scarcely around during June and

Though I'm still waiting for my own internet connection from Belgacom,
I would like to invite you all to start focussing on FEL 11. I guess
it will be out in April 2009.

I have invited Jochen Roth (from IBM) to join this mailing list. He
has been introducing Binutils for the SPU on IBM Cell processors on
Fedora 10 and EPEL.

Now, what do you guys would like to include in FEL11 ? Please propose
some key areas of electronic design which you think we should work and
include into fedora ?

Let's say we set one month to discuss what we all wish? Then I'll
schedule a timetable and gather enough human resources to get the job
done in time :)


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