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Mon Mar 14 13:47:00 UTC 2005

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On Sun, 13 Mar 2005, Eric Warnke wrote:

> I don't want to draw this out more than it needs to be ( and I can find
> no "legal" list or email anywhere on the sites ).  I'm just confused
> with the scope and leadership here.

I am the intermediary between Red Hat counsel and the Fedora project for 
all matters legal.

> We are including in FC4 a java toolchan when not more than a year ago
> Sun lost it's patent litigation with Kodak over patents in java and
> ended up paying $92 million to license all applicable patents to java.
> The GCJ list they also bring out doubts themselves as to Sun's license
> to re-implement from standards.
> Without knowing the terms of that agreement and a full review of
> gcj/Classpath how do we know that Kodak won't sue RedHat?  To move
> forward on the java front and not on mono just seems like playing
> favorites here.

I will bring this issue to counsel once again.  I presume that the answer 
will be the same, but one never knows.

Legal issues are tracked at:


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