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Victor Skovorodnikov vic_sk at
Tue Apr 4 07:41:39 UTC 2006

Dear Hans,
 Thank you so much for replying.  I will make the appropriate modifications to comply with your specifications.  Very much appreciate your feedback.
 Thank you,

Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede at> wrote: 

Victor Skovorodnikov wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've just finished a 2D shooter game "Space Invaders" and was wondering 
> if it could be added to Fedora's Extra's section at some point.  This is 
> not a final version but it would be very easy to modify it to make it 
> work as you think is best.
> The game can be downloaded as either source or binary from my site at:
> It's perfectly ready to run if you choose a 'binary' option but you'd 
> need to have 'Imlib' installed on your system to compile.
> While in my attempts at reducing the image size and making parameters 
> pass as pointers and other performance optimization, I think this game 
> has become a little too fast for playing, but again it would be easy to 
> modify it as you'd like.
> I have also been working on an RMI chess game but that has been going 
> rather slowly.
> Thank you and I look forward to your feedback,
> Sincerely,
> Victor.

The screenshots look nice, so I might concider packaging it, but:
-the name "space invaders" is a know for an already existing and well
  known game and thus cannot be used legally please come up with a new
-their is no license on the code nor on the images, please add a License
  under which people can (re)distribute and use your code and images,
  this license must of course meet Fedora's guidelines.
-I didn't try the game yet, but I saw no sound files, so I assume there
  is no sound. Pretty graphics is good, but a game without sound is not
  complete, and thus I won't package it.

Thanks & Regards,


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