No Full Control Install!

Glenn English ghe at
Fri Nov 7 19:46:00 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 12:00, Doug Stewart wrote:

> The thinking goes (and someone from RH correct me if I'm wrong) is that
> anaconda is the wrong place to be doing package selection.  Eventually,
> FC should just get enough of a system up and running for the users to be
> able to select/install packages from a nice, X-enabled FirstBoot situation.

Seems to me that the installer is a just fine place to select what's to
be installed.

And if anaconda doesn't get the X configuration right (and it doesn't
every time), the X-enabled FirstBoot situation never exists. The
X-enabled anaconda situation does, though.

When I installed Fedora yesterday, anaconda gave me enough control to
tell it not to install and to install postfix. When I booted
after the install, postfix was not started, and sendmail was the MTA.
This does not happen when I can select individual packages. Easily
fixed, but additional and unnecessary things to check for and do.

Glenn English
ghe at

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