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Re: disk partition probs - FC2 install

Am Sa, den 12.06.2004 schrieb Gene Heskett um 20:33:

> First off it won't allow the /boot named partition to not be a 
> directory of /, and there isn't any good reason I can see for that 
> restriction.  If there is, please explain it to me.  AFAIK, it could 
> actually be on a different physical drive as still be 100% 
> functional.

I don't understand what you mean by that. I never had any problem using
Disk Druid to create a /boot partition separate from the / partition.

And again, the reordering that Disk Druid does is intended by it's
developers. If you do not like it you are free to change to a console
while installing Fedora and run in there fdisk. Be careful if you intend
to use RAID and/or LVM.


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