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Re: Force Nautilus to refresh thumbnails (was Re: Video thumbnails gone -- how to regenerate?)

D. D. Brierton wrote:
On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 12:42, Dexter Ang wrote:

I've found that deleting the ~/.thumbnails folder makes nautilus generate thumbnails again. You could try that.

Hi Dex. Yeah, I have tried that, and images get their thumbnails
regenerated but video files don't. I've tried restarting Nautilus,
logging out and logging back in, and even rebooting. Also I've tried
downloading some new video files and seeing if they get a thumbnail and
they don't. As this worked in livna.org's previous version of totem but
now isn't after upgrading to their latest update last week I'm assuming
this is a totem bug and have filed a bug report at bugzilla.livna.org.

Best, Darren

did you happen to setup an alternative app to open those videos? i've noticed that setting up, for example, .mpg to open up with mplayer makes the thumbnailer not create thumbnails. check if you have the files:


i just moved it to another dir. if you didn't setup an alternative app, then my message is pretty pointless. =)


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