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Re: Internal vs external domain addressing

On Tue, 2004-10-05 at 14:08, antonio nunes lifefoundation plus com
> Hi,
> On our setup when we want to address our server (used both for email and http) from the internal network we need to address it as "machine.ourdomain.com".
> When connecting from outside the network (through the internet) we address the server as "ourdomain.com". How can I configure our BIND server (FC2) so that we can use the 
> same address regardless of where we are sending from? Can I make settings so that "machine.ourdomain.com" is recognised on the internet, or do I need to contact our ISP for 
> that?
> Thanks,
> Antonio

Sounds like you want to setup a split DNS.  You will have an external
name server which has the public addressing and faces the Internet. 
Internally you have other DNS severs which you list the internal RFC1918
addressing for all systems internal to your network.  With things
configured correctly any requests while on your intranet will get your
internal addresses.  Any requests from outside will get the public

One company I worked at had several external DNS servers.  Their zones
were relatively small just a few entries for the web servers and portals
we needed facing the Internet.  We also had several internal name
servers which had hundreds if not thousands of entries in their zones
since we listed all the equipment internal to the company in them. 
These zones were not accessible from the Internet directly but allowed
us to use the same names but serve out different IP addresses.

Check out the BIND book from O'Reilly.  It has all the information you
need for setting this up.

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

If you can't be good, be careful.  If you can't be careful, give me a call. 

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