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Re: Enabling VNC

> Well, I ended up rebooting the machine and didn't need to restart the X 
> server.  I can log into the machine via ssh with X11 forwarding and 
> then issue
> vncviewer localhost:1
> and it asks for the password and starts to export the desktop, but it 
> fails.  I see the Fedora splash screen and then there is a window 
> displaying an error message about some Gnome manager that isn't 
> working.  The screen turns black and I can't do anything.  If I log out 
> of ssh and then back in and do vncviewer...  then I just get a black 
> screen after entering my password.  Is there something else I need to 
> do?
> Thanks again,
> Jeremy

Perhaps you could check the MTU of your machine and the remote host? We
have had problems with VNC displaying similar behavior because the MTU's
didn't match. To diagnose, you run a ping with varying sized packets
between the hosts and tcpdump the traffic in very verbose mode. That way
you get the packet sizes being reported.


may not be your problem but it is a suggestion ay ;)

Also check to make sure that VNC is actually listening on the port you
think it should be. You can netstat -npl to check for that.

good luck,gb

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