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Re: Top Posting....

Craig White wrote:

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 23:48 -0500, David Curry wrote:

It occurred to me that Craig was either joking or simply trying to needle/aggravate me. His objective was less significant to me, though, than the opportunity his message presented to conclude the current "Top Posting" thread on a positive note.

Regardless of what occurs to you there are these facts...

NO amount of badgering is gonna stop people from top posting.

If you don't like it - delete it - move on

If you find it awkward to reply to a reply which was top posted, move it
to the bottom, reply on the top, reply on the bottom or just delete it
and move on.

Alexander doesn't need you to defend him - he's quite capable.

It never occurred to me that he needed defending or that he is not "quite capable."

None of us really wishes to endure this unending and unsolvable problem,
you aren't gonna stop people from top posting replies and if one or two
requests don't get the person to change their habit, it's not desirable
to beat them up for it - the badgering is far worse than the
transgression of top posting.

To you, it seems to be.

I don't top post.

I do move top posted replies to the bottom before I put in my reply.

I don't see the point of all of this wasted angst, energy, hostility
over the subject.

If I can annoy you or anyone else by top posting, I am tempted to do
that - yes, to needle/aggravate as your advocacy for bottom posting is
entirely over the top.


Have you considered taking your own advice, Craig? That is,

If you don't like it - delete it - move on

I'll definitely consider some of your suggestions, but stopping commentary on list conventions is not among them.
We clearly disagree on some issues. You might want to consider just filtering all messages to the list from me into electronic oblivion.
If you really feel as you say, I'm surprised that you have continued to read any of the messages I post. Have a masochistic streak?

Have stronger things you would like to say to me privately? Feel free to do so.

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