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Re: Some thoughts for the future

. m a r c o s a u g u s t o wrote:

The guys (...) that build linux , fedora.. etc... they are so fucking

this statement didn't really make sense to me

that they never heard about "marketing"...worst yet..."normal user"

they have hear about marketing and normal users, they watch tv and browse cnn.com

It'll be so easy for linux os to be "the OS" in earth

It would be so easy. But not a good thing. There should be moderation in everything.

The only problem was a "smart"(???) fag that have read a marketing
book instead of some assembly one...
and all the stupid planet bought windows....

Sorry, not a fag fan either. I never personally bought a copy of Windows. What's so wrong with all the planet buying Windows? As long as I am not forced to buy Windows. And it's fair to say most of the planet pirates Windows.

Goddammit! and now I GOT to go back to win.. simply ... because I work
with flash...
and there is no macromedia linux version of it ...

I hear you here. Macromedia's Linux stance just sucks plain and simple. But that's what you get with closed source apps. As good as the product is, it's theres to do what they like with it. And they choose not to port it to Linux.

(just waiting until i can compile F4L in fedora4)

I understand that everybody that runs linux, loves (as I do), and fill
their needs. But,
this selfish way think, gave windows the world...

Windows can keep the world for all I care. I am more that satisifed to be a part of this relatively smal group of users who enjoy Fedora.

Fill their needs commentary: There was 7Gb on my HD used after fedora,
and I could not hear a mp3! watch a single movie!

7GB huh, you must have installed alot of apps. Just so you know, you can't hear an mp3 because of the Fedora's policies, not becuase it's linux. You're just exaggeratign about the movie.

2 days to get
everything working

That doesn't say much for your competency. Just add 2-3 repos to yum, fire of a one liner yum command, take a walk, come back, everything should be up. Of course I choose to break down the one liner into a series of simpler commands. Or you could just write a script to do the work, or ask someone to write you one.

... can I tell my friends:

Yes you can, but I advise against it. Just show it to them working, let them play with it.

hey, install linux! you 'll love......I can't! Without this list and
the IRC channel.. I will never accomplished my needs.. and was just
mp3, burn discs, php editor, videos,

You're really going overboard with this whole mp3 thing. It's really not that hard. Burning disk is easier in FC that in any windows i've used. Php editing: too numerous to mention. Videos? What about them?

Linux always seeked to be better (AND IT IS for a long time !)

Now is time to read ACCESSBILiTY and USER FRIENDLY books!! : )

Might you have some time to spare?

Look this nice brazilian project, I got enthusiasmed... but, don't
tested it yet,
it claims to run linux (based of fedora) and with a windows interface
that can run everything..
no wine needed..


If microsoft can get the better of linux.. now is linux time (after
all, the only thing that windows have is the community [ lot of
programs  ] )

Sorry.. just wanted to share my feelings   : )

No problem.

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