Fedora 7 CD iso files?

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 4 04:24:24 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-06-03 at 11:44 -0700, Knute Johnson wrote:
> As much as I dislike using Windows and would like to convert to 
> Linux, I can't because so many things don't work.  I spent 8 hours 
> yesterday trying to get two of my three wireless cards to work.  I 
> got one working which is a great success.  I hadn't had wireless 
> working since FC4.  And I had to use Windows drivers to do that.  
> I've bought two cards and spent 40 or 50 hours screwing with wireless 
> in the last year.  With Windows you plug it in and it works. 

*IF* you are lucky.  I've seen plenty of Windows boxes that do not work
from the get go, and their owners spend years putting up with wonky
boxes.  Periodically they have another go at installing an updated BIOS,
firmware, driver, or new card, to try and get their PC to stop crashing
while playing a game, but it doesn't solve their problem.  My friend's
been through several axe-heads and axe-handles, and still doesn't have a
stable box.  It's a fallacy that it "just works" with Windows.  It's a
crap shoot with everything.  The most likely to "just work" would be an
Apple box, since they design a whole system, not just bits and pieces.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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