Boot temporarilly stalls on "Bringing up interface eth0"

Dylan Semler dylan.semler at
Wed Jun 6 04:36:40 UTC 2007

On 6/5/07, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette at> wrote:
> Kam Leo wrote:
> > As a seasoned Fedora user why do you need the rhgb eye-candy? Turn it
> > off when you need to troubleshoot boot problems.
> >
> I leave it on now because there are few problems that I encounter with
> Fedora. I am too lazy to turn it off.

Some people put a lot of effort in the artwork and I'd say it looks good.
I'll turn it off when I need to but it's nice to have otherwise.

> Since his problem the original poster describes the activity of the rhgb
> stopping or pausing, details might be needed. Choosing the append option
> in grub and removing rhgb quiet might help further diagnose the problem.

I've already taken those steps for this situation.  Like I said, the term
"Bringing up interface eth0" is from the text boot.

Maybe just binding the NIC to its MAC address is all that is needed so
> the identity of the interface is known to the programs with less room
> for errors by misidentification of hardware.

I'm not exactly sure what this is/does, but in system-config-network, I
double click on the eth0 device, go to the "Hardware Device" tab, and "bind
to MAC address" is already checked.  Is this what you mean?  Sorry, some of
my command-line expertise is lacking--particularly in the network domain.


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