Boot temporarilly stalls on "Bringing up interface eth0"

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Wed Jun 6 11:07:47 UTC 2007

Dylan Semler wrote:
>     Maybe just binding the NIC to its MAC address is all that is needed so
>     the identity of the interface is known to the programs with less room
>     for errors by misidentification of hardware.
> I'm not exactly sure what this is/does, but in system-config-network, I 
> double click on the eth0 device, go to the "Hardware Device" tab, and 
> "bind to MAC address" is already checked.  Is this what you mean?  
> Sorry, some of my command-line expertise is lacking--particularly in the 
> network domain. 

That is the setting that I thought might effect the interface. If it is 
already checked the problem lies somewhere in the type of Ethernet card 
that you have.

Regarding using the GUI tools instead of command line tools, I use the 
GUI tools if available. Why not if they setup items correctly.

If you open up a terminal and run /sbin/lspci, what is the output for 
the Ethernet?
There is some bug for one NIC type. This might be the one if it causes 
so much trouble. I think it was E1000 but cannot recall the specifics of 
the Ethernet card that has problems.

> -- 
> Dylan


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