Email thread template for Fedora 7 installers feeling abused

Peter Connolly psconnolly at
Sun Jun 10 19:07:28 UTC 2007

Since it seems like every major release of Fedora elicits the same
type of emails, I've decided as a public service to offer an email
thread template that can be referred to instead of having to read
through all those other emails...

1) User complains that Fedora didn't install correctly and ruined
their machine.  Flames are optional but are almost always included.
No details of the problems encountered are given and no bugs are
filed.  Said user never logs in to the fedora-list again.  Subject
line is some variation of: "Goodbye Fedora," "Fedora 7 Sucks,"
"Leaving Fedora Forever,"...

2) One or more of the fedora-list faithful try to elicit more detail
from said user, enjoining him/her to give the list more detail and to
perhaps (heaven forbid) file some bugs.

3) One or more completely different users add to that same thread
about their specific problem(s).  Subject line remains unchanged.

4) The fedora faithful help their brethren with, as usual, some very
insightful suggestions and ideas.  Subject line remains unchanged.

All of the above is under a subject heading like "Leaving Fedora
Forever" which gives the other readers no idea what was really
discussed in the thread.

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