Impressions so far with FC 8 and Kubuntu Gutsy

Thomas Cameron thomas.cameron at
Fri Feb 8 05:18:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-08 at 03:18 +0000, Da Rock wrote:

> Yes I find this is an interesting point too. I had no idea about other repos and I've been playing for a while with this game. I only kinda knew about freshrpms so I was able to go hunting there plus help with google search helped too. I only found out about linva recently, and the headaches in the differences are an issue as well. I understand the Fedora philosophy and I agree with it, but some things are better kept simpler.
> I'm not an Ubuntu supporter as such (except their support has been most useful for nearly all open source problems), but the way in which they have handled the licensing issue I found most useful. 

Useful != ethical.  The Fedora Project is based on Free software - and
not like beer.  Free software is the lifeblood of the Project.  The
second the Fedora Project starts compromising on Free vs. commercial, it
will lose a ton of community support.

> They only open up the free software, but you can switch on other repos which do contain "grey" software simply in the repo manager.

And thereby totally piss on the ethos of Free Software and the Fedora

> I put this question out there for free comment, but couldn't something similar be arranged in Fedora? (thereby making it the most stable yet flexible system on the planet! ;p)

Sure, let's flush the Fedora Project's ideals down the toilet cause it's
easier to use proprietary, non free software.  Oh, and while we're at
it, let's open up Red Hat to lawsuits because some poor guy somewhere
followed the Fedora Project instructions and downloaded a codec at work
and got his company sued by the BSA.  That'd be *great* for the Fedora

For both idealistic and pragmatic reasons, the Fedora Project does not
include non-free software or give instructions on how to use software
which is non-free or potentially illegal.  

See for more info,
including a way to have a perfectly legal mp3 codec at zero cost under

It's the Right Thing To Do(TM), and I hope that the project never
sacrifices its ethics to take the easy route.


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