FC8: Using Sqlite3 in OpenOffice, with or without ODBC

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Tue Jul 22 05:35:34 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 16:41:28 PM -0400, Todd Denniston wrote:
> M. Fioretti wrote, On 07/21/2008 03:06 PM:

>> I'm having problem to find applicable documentation which explains
>> how to connect to, and manage, an Sqlite 3 database with OpenOffice
>> 2.3 on Fedora 8...  there are several resources online, but they
>> really look all outdated or not valid for some other reason with
>> OOo 2.x / FC. This page, for example:
>> http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Openoffice.org_with_SQL_Databases#SQLite_files_.28OpenOffice.org_2.x.29

>> says that I should add the driver libsqlite3odbc.so to
>> /etc/odbcinst.ini, but I haven't found any rpm which provides this
>> file.
> rpm -q --whatprovides /etc/odbcinst.ini
> unixODBC-<version>
> so I suspect you'll want to
> yum install unixODBC

sorry for the confusion, but unixODBC was already installed. It is the
sqlite ODBC driver (the one which should contain libsqlite3odbc.so)
that seems to have no rpm whatever for fedora.

> you may need to install something like sqlite3-odbc (name mangled
> from the fact that for postgresql I needed postgresql-odbc on the
> machine)...  looking in the Everything tree for 8, looks more like
> you might one or more of:
> mysql-connector-odbc
> php-odbc
> unixODBC

I had already gone through all this reasoning, guesswork and search by
myself before my first posting. The first package isn't relevant (it's
mysql, not sqlite), the second isn't necessary (php can talk to sqlite
through other packages, see the other thread I started yesterday) and
it wouldn't be enough anyway for the same reason why the last package
(which has always been installed) isn't: the missing piece (=rpm) is
"unixodbc <->sqlite" not "Ooo, php, mysql, whatever <-> unixODBC"

so the problem may be restated as: is it true that there is no rpm
package for adding sqlite3 support to unixODBC in Fedora 8 (or later)?
Or at least for adding sqlite3 support to OpenOffice only, without
going through ODBC?

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