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wonderer wonderer4711 at
Mon Jul 28 11:14:16 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei schrieb:
> wonderer wrote:
>> Maybe the text to the video can modified, other pictures can be 
>> taken, but I think we have some of the same intentions... I fully 
>> agree not TO much take from "the great company with the fruit 
>> Logo...", but I think we can learn much of this add.
>> So, maybe we could have one "Theme", one Artwork (maybe for F11) and 
>> draw around that Posters, Wallpapers, Icons and video adds ... just 
>> my 2 Cents ;-)
> The *one theme* is "freedom, friends, features, first".
That are words, but no theme ;-) What do we want to buidl around it? 
Should there be a thing like the BSD fish or the Budweiser frogs and 
lizzard, what would we connect with the 4 foundations? What "pictures" 
would we compare with that?
Does the first friend of Fedora features freedom around the world or 
does the first freedom we have on our computers was featured from 
fedora? Would we like to build a theme around the words or should the 
words stand for themself? Questions I like to throw in the round ...

Another idea: paint some cute little "things" and name them fed ora and 
fed ori and let them play some comics (I saw some great stuff from some 
fedora-Artists ;-) )...

Another idea: Interview with lets say a guy on the street.
question to him: "Do you have a Computer?"
He (young guy): "of course. I play games <see WoW or another game> do my 
homework <he is typing and googeling> and chating <ICQ2000 whatever> and 
some music <see emule!>"
** (backgroundmusic: some snippets of MTV & Co.) ---
Question: are you Ok with that?
He (thinking): <you see violent Pictures of he while he crashes his 
computers. It does not work, Pics from "Windows has occured an error " 
Bluescreen, etc. ... on emule show some FBI guy>
** backgroundmusic: Techno, Hardrock, etc.
--- cut fade-in ---
Fedora Logo
freedom | friends | features | first (smoothly fade in, no music)
--- cut (blackout) ---
same situationn (Interviewer on street)
Interviewer want to ask a bunch of people, they are laughing, have 
penguin shirts or so
<same question>
One of the guy: shure I have a computer. I use it for games <show a big 
screen with start of a Linux game> ... homework and study things 
<googeling, wikipedia, etc.> ... chatting <show pidgin or so> and music 
<show mediaplayer playing some cc music>
Question: are you Ok with that?
the guys (look at each other): yes.
--- fadeout ---
showing Fedora logo with URL

best regards

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