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Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Wed Aug 30 15:11:15 UTC 2006

My recommendation?  Troll through Jamendo and start listening.  As soon as 
you find something you like, rate and review it.  Follow Michael Tiemann's 
example: this is exactly what he's been doing.  :)


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On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> This isn't limited to Fedora per se, but someone suggested I post
> my question here to kick-start things...
> I've been exploring the free/open music scene in search
> of new music released under creative commons type licenses,
> etc. as well as new sounds/styles out there.
> I've found that there is a tremendous amount of music out there,
> however I have yet to find any music I'd consider "gems".  Most
> of the music I've found so far has either been outside of my
> range of musical tastes, or has had an amateurish quality to it.
> Nonetheless I remain hopeful that there is actually "good" free
> music out there, and my search continues...  ;o)
> Does anyone have any recommendations of any _good_ artists/bands
> that release material under creative-commons to check out?  Of
> course I realize that "good" or "bad" is subjective and an
> individual thing that will vary greatly between different
> people, but I'm hoping some of you know of free music which
> would appeal either to larger audiences, to those who prefer
> specific genres, or music that would be catered more specifically
> to musicians - such as progressive rock/metal or similar.
> Anything from classical, blues, rock, metal, progressive,
> neoclassical, alternative, or instrumental music would be
> up my alley, although I'm quite open minded about music in
> general.
> In the mean time, I'll keep hunting...
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