[Fedora Robotics] Ded in camp in order to get to drilling as early as possible i

Moores disenthrals at aimpro.nl
Sat Dec 26 05:09:54 UTC 2009

 be well rested as we ourselves will be. We want to make Green River
tomorrow night and Rock Springs the next night. I consider it is about
eighty miles to Rock Springs from here, and we ought to make it in two
days." The next morning we were up bright and early and were on our
journey as soon as we could see the trail. Nothing happened to disturb
us, and we reached Green River just before sunset. We crossed the river
and went into camp just above the Ford. We had just got our horses
staked out when we heard whips snapping and people's voices shouting.
Jim listened a moment and said, "What in thunder does that mean?" I
answered, "I think it is an emigrant train coming." Jim said, "By jove
if that is so, we will have to move from here and stake our horses
somewhere else, for no doubt they will want to camp right here, and if
there is mu
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