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Paul M. gpmidi at
Thu May 19 10:53:22 UTC 2005

If your kernel supports LVM or LVM2 then you can use it to create a
virtual drive (called a logical device) that consists of the two
drives/partitions. The two things you need to be aware of:
1)You'll have to take your box down to single user mode. 
2) You'll have to copy the data in /home and /home2 to another
computer/device while you are formatting the two drives to LVM.

On 5/19/05, pi <zico at> wrote:
> I have a few users on /home/ on hda and a few on /home2/ wich resides
> on hdb.
>   i have httpd serving webpages without problem from (hda)
> /home/~/public_html but when adding users to home2/~/public_html on
> hdb, webpages doesnt work. Can this be caused by selnux? I ran the
> selinux-commands without succes, and i have done what´s expected from
> When i first installed FC3, hdb was already formatted and made no
> changes on it. the install went right down on hda.
>   Is it possible to make it work by merging the 2 partition together
> perhaps?
> /pi
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