Problem installing FC5 guest in Xen on FC5 using

Dario Alcocer alcocer at
Mon Mar 20 04:40:34 UTC 2006

Scott D Hankin wrote:
> Howdy -
> I'm attempting to install a FC5 guest in Xen on FC5, 2041 xen0 kernel.  
> I've gotten to the point where anaconda runs and starts presenting me 
> with menus.  Unfortunately, the 3rd menu it presents is stopping me, the 
> one which sets the IP address.

I've been running with kernel-xen0-2.6.15-1.2041_FC5 with no problems so 
far.  However, I did have problems (thought not with IP address 
assignment) with earlier Xen builds.

You might check if you have the kernel-xen-hypervisor package installed. 
  I was having problems before when running IIRC .2032; when I upgraded 
to .2041, I removed the hypervisor package, and I've been running Xen 
fine since then.

> If I select DHCP and networking is set up for NAT, it thinks for a bit 
> and then returns to the same page.  If I try to manually specify an IP 
> address, it thinks for a bit, and then segfaults.  If networking is 
> bridged, it segfaults in either case.
> The command I'm running is:
> -n vm2 -f /root/fedora.img -s 6 -r 256 -p -l 
> ftp://mymachine
> I've tried this with the networking setup as bridged or NAT, but the 
> result is always the same.
> Any thoughts?

Maybe you could post your /var/log/xend.log and /var/log/xend-debug.log; 
hopefully others might be able to help given this information.

Dario Alcocer -- alcocer at

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