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Thu Dec 24 00:29:38 UTC 2009

Felix Miata wrote:
> Mostly OT I know, but mail to OP's list posting address is rejected. 

I've just mentioned in another post how that happens.

> If you think FF's power to mire a Linux system is formidable, imagine it with
> OS/2's "little" shared memory pool:

I'd rather not.
> How did you come to choose RedHat/Fedora when you left OS/2? SUSE seemed to
> be the favorite among multibooters posting in the Usenet OS/2 groups in the
> years before *buntu. RedHat always demanded those who wanted access to their
> HPFS partitions while booted to Linux to compile their own kernels, and still
> AFAIK Fedora does that even now.

SUSE, I think, wasn't around then, at least on Oz. Donnie Barnes (RH) 
was out there in usenet helping wannabe Linux people. RHL got good 
reports. I bought RHL 3.0.3 from RH. I bought more recent releases in 
Oz. I got Hurricane on a cheapbytes CD, bought RHL5.1 and (I think) 5.2. 
I stopped buying RHL when I thought the price was getting too silly.

5.0 is when I switched off OSS/2. Lotus brought out new client release 
of Notes, not supporting OS/2. I didn't use Notes, but I did ask myself, 
"If Lotus, and IBM subsidiary, doesn't support OS/2 why should I use it? 
and "What can I do on OS/2 that I can't do on Linux?"

I was already using some free software on OS/2 - PINE, Apache, emx.

I did download some releases through a modem.

> I don't suppose you know anything similar in ease of use on Linux to PMView
> on OS/2 for simple cropping, format conversion, resizing or color tweaking,
> do you? How about a file picker like XFile? Those two OS/2 features, plus
> running DOS SVGA text mode apps better than DOS can do itself, are why I
> still haven't given OS/2 up yet.

I didn't do any image processing on OS/2.
> Forgive me please if I've asked this before, but I don't remember whether.



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