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Re: Urgent bug triaging task: installer blocker bugs for the beta

2009/3/18 iarly selbir <iarlyy gmail com>
What to do in this cases:

1 - The bugs status should be preserved as NEW, because I changed a bug to ASS and devel back to NEW ( 490660 )

It is possible that the maintainer felt the bug was incomplete or as is sometimes the case they have a different interpretation of the purposes of the states

2 - Some bugs already have other blocks alias like FedoraServerTracker, AnacondaStorage ( 487669, 484983 )

It is ok for a bug to block more than one other bugs. If these bugs are worthy of F11Blocker/F11Beta/F11Target/etc then add them

3 - Some bugs already have F11Blocker or F11Beta, but status is NEW, keep it? ( 490515 )

It is sometimes the case that it is known to be serious enough that it should block one of the tracker bugs but not enough information is known to call the bug "complete"

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