CVSL10N access approval

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Wed Nov 5 06:08:13 UTC 2008


As per FLP meeting today, I like to propose the idea of the approver
procedure. At the moment there are only handful members giving approval
and we should have more team coordinators to involve this process,
because sponsoring allows the user to commit.

In our Translation Quick Start Guide, it directs new translators to post
a short self introduction to fedora-trans-list and to the list of
his/her local team.

At least current approvers should check if he/she posted the short self
introduction in fedora-trans-list?  No introduction, no approval.

Also we may be able to approach more automate way in FAS, such as;
1. The account requester selects language team to join
2. Auto approval request mail is sent to the selected language coordinator
3. The coordinator can approves/rejects
4. Only if approved, it is notified to the cvsl10n group to sponsor that

How you think?


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