[fedora-virt] Fedora virtualization -- comments and questions

Charles Duffy charles at dyfis.net
Thu Jun 25 14:39:37 UTC 2009

Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> 1. Put all files (disk images, configuration, etc.) under a single directory 
> (easier to manage).
With regard to the configuration being in a different area than the disk 
images --

/etc/libvirt/qemu/** is _not_ intended to be directly edited by hand. 
Just as /etc/sudoers is supposed to be edited only by visudo, files 
under that directory should be edited with "virsh edit", "virsh 
net-edit", or other libvirt-aware mechanisms.

So, as you-the-user aren't supposed to interact with them directly in 
any way... arguably it doesn't matter much where they happen to be stored.

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