[feedhenry-dev] RFC: MCP-standalone Release Process

Matthias Wessendorf mwessend at redhat.com
Wed Oct 25 18:20:30 UTC 2017


as a follow up on [1], here are some thoughts on the MCP release itself.

The raw process is described here:

The first part is trivial (but not complete), we simply create a TAGGED
(versioned) image, and push it to docker. Afterwards the mcp-standalone in
dockerhub is updated.

What's missing here is creation of a canonical TAG in git, more later;

Now, the (three) dependent APBs of the MCP also need to be released. This
requires a bit of manual steps, as described here:

1) manual modify the openshift template (which is included in the dependent
2) creating image tags and pushing all to dockerhub (-> make apbs )

In 2) we also modify code, by copying the template over, for that I've
added a "release" commit in the Makefile target:

But we still have a locally modified file on the disk (the original
openshift template). This is bad.
The changes to the template must be committed before we can actually move
on. To enforce that, I've added the following to the "make apbs" target:

if there are not committed files, the "make apbs" fails- this is inspired
by the awesome ;-) Maven Release Plugin.

As the last step, after the different pushes to dockerhub (mcp-standalone
and its dependent APBs), we must create a release tag in git, and push it.

Only with these "rules" (e.g. no locally modified files, and proper release
tags, we end up having both in sync dockerhub images, and the matching TAG
in git)

I think these new rules help to get a more solid release, and with a bit of
work can be applied by some "release script"

But before hacking too much, I am generally interested in feedback on these
already committed changes.


[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/feedhenry-dev/2017-October/msg00114.html

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