[K12OSN] New Network - Fiber planned - Need advice

Chris Kacoroski ckacoroski at nsd.org
Thu Apr 22 16:05:40 UTC 2004

We looked at cisco and ended up with Foundry because they are less 
expensive, have better performance, and a consistent user interface 
across all their equipment.


Northshore School District.

On Apr 21, 2004, at 3:22 PM, Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:

> Hello Jim,
> Most of our schools are running lots of fiber-based Gig-E these days, 
> and those few that aren't will be soon.
> I normally would recommend one of two Cisco switches, the Catalyst 
> 3508G-XL, or the Catalyst 3550-12G, which is what we use a lot.  
> However, Cisco gear is *VERY EXPENSIVE*, so if you're on a budget, 
> stay away from Cisco.
> Another alternative is the SS3GR4i switch from Amer.com.  It supports 
> fiber Gig-E and copper Gig-E.
>   http://www.amer.com/catalogue/ass3gr4i.html
> --TP
> Jim Christiansen wrote:
>> Our school looks as if it is going to be rewired and soon.  I took a 
>> couple of the replies I got from this list to school (Thank you 
>> everyone who answered with ideas) and explained them to my 
>> technician.  He was happy to see that fibre was mentioned to help out 
>> in our long-long cat 5 runs past ballasts and chillers/air handlers 
>> all along inside the ceilings.
>> Now, what equipment would you recommend or are using in your schools? 
>>  My room wil be the center of the new network.  It is away from the 
>> big electrical equipment.  We have a need for one 8 port fibre switch 
>> that will feed 7 other fiber media adapters so that we can use our 
>> existing newer switches at the ends of the long runs.
>> We are looking for equipment brand names, model numbers, and of 
>> course the cheapest workable solution.  None of us here have even 
>> seen a fiber setup.
>> Thanks,
>> Jim
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