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norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Wed Sep 15 01:35:20 UTC 2004

Hi David,

Believe it was a difficult decision !!! After working like hell to get 
M$ out of the lab, there I was having to sneak in a W2K server :-( .  
Why W2K versus Server 2003....... well for one the testing of Server 
2003 although impressive on the performance side was a paid on the 
security & notification part, second there was no viable educational 
discount and last but most important, the local computer 
recycling/refurbishing has an agreement with M$ where both the server 
AND CALS are free for non-profit, i.e. educational.
So all facts considered this was the best one. Just a note of caution 
the M$ server needs to be a high powered machine !!!!

nb. During the demo of an rdesktop session to the school, the single 
fact that convinced them that this was real, i.e not some fancy 
programming trick, was when the BSD -> Blue Screen of Death appeared in 
the terminal session. Then when I simply switched to another active 
window and continued working oblivious to the M$ crash it finally sunk 
in .......


dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us wrote:

>I have to agree with Norbert.  I'm actually in the midst of my
>"experiment" at this point and I must say it's working great!  I bought a
>Windows 2003 Terminal Server CD and 100 Terminal Server CALs (not bad....I
>spent $400+ in all I think).  I installed it on my old K12LTSP server
>(dual Pentuim III 1.x ghz....3 GB RAM) and simply joined the domain. 
>Since my Samba/LDAP server is the PDC hosting all the home dirs and
>roaming profiles....setting this thing up was almost as easy as setting up
>K12LTSP.  I didn't have to add any users since all authentication and so
>forth is on my Samba/LDAP server.  Now....all my users do to get to the
>Windows Terminal Server is fire up their Linux terminal....log in....go to
>the IceWM start menu....click on "Connect to Windows"....enter their
>password (username and domain are already filled in since I use the
>following command     rdesktop -f -a 16 -d mydomain   The
>Windows desktop comes up and away they go!  It's fast and since it's a
>seperate session I've noticed virtually zero impact on the rest of my
>K12LTSP network....the CPU on the K12LTSP server isn't affected at all and
>the bandwidth doesn't seem to be any worse than a traditional LTSP
>session.  It's proving to be a great way to have our cake and eat it too. 
>90% of the time the kids work in Linux, but I am also using PowerPoint
>(once in a while) and so forth to draw the parallels between that and OO
>so the kids can be exposed to and use whatever they may encounter.  Kinda'
>like driver's ed....we don't teach kids to drive Fords...we teach them to
>drive cars.  We don't teach Windows...we teach concepts that apply to any
>app...Windows, Linux or Mac OS X....etc.  (Although we all prefer Linux
>:-)  )
>"Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com> on
>Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 7:36 PM +0000 wrote:
>>After considering ALL factors specifically in an educational context, I
>>wouldn't suggest either solution! We have tried them all and have come to
>>the conclusion that, ( and note I have a great deal of disdain for M$
>>products!!! ), the best solution for multiple users where specific
>>Windows applications are mandatory is to have a W2K server on the K12ltsp
>>network and use rdesktop to open M$ sessions.
>>Compare cost, compatibility & performance & the W2K server wins out. Now
>>note that this uses costing for educational institutions as a benchmark
>>for comparison.
>David N. Trask
>Technology Teacher/Coordinator
>Vassalboro Community School
>dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
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