[K12OSN] Appletalk and K12LTSP

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Wed Sep 29 18:04:51 UTC 2004

I am using a K12LTSP server as a file server for one of our grade 
schools.  (I have three schools using K12LTSP as file servers.)  This 
morning, Appletalk started acting up on one of the servers. (After a 
brief power blink.  Yes, the server and the client computers have been 
restarted as has the proxy server and the router) 

When I try to connect from an OSX Mac (OSX 10.2.5), I get

Connection Failed
This file server is running on your machine....................

When I try to connect from OS9, I enter the username and password and 
the machine freezes when attempting to display the list of shares. 

These machines are able to connect to other servers in other buildings 
and the OSX machine can connect to the problem server via SMB.  AFP is 

I compared the configuration files with the ones from the working server 
and could not find any discernable difference. 

Has anyone experienced this?  Any ideas?

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