[K12OSN] Re: local floppy disk

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 23 14:36:23 UTC 2005

>Many of our users were confused by floppy access and MTools so I have
>created a one page document that we laminate and tape to desk at each of
>our terminals. Please feel free to copy and use at your location. I
>don't think attachments are allowed on this mailing list so you can
>download a copy of the PDF at:

Nice.  We have similar trouble. Some programs (kde) allow direct access
to the floppy from the applications, and that always seems to be
problematic. (Even moreso than floppies in general).

I always say "copy to your home directory first".

For one thing it works (better).

The other thing is, that when the floppy goes bad (and it inevitably will)
you will still have a copy of your work in your home directory.

Actually, the first thing I always say is ... "isn't there some better way 
move your files around than using a floppy?  How about emailing the file
to yourself, or uploading it to your website?" We have all these great
networks and networked systems, but we are all still conditioned to
reach for the floppy disks.

There are still uses for floppies, but I always try to avoid using them for
storing or moving files.

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