[K12OSN] To mirror or not to mirror and splitting home dir between servers

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msln.net
Mon Jul 11 12:07:15 UTC 2005

Finally got centos4 set as a samba/ldap pdc, so now all files are on the 
server. Would it be a major speed hit to mirror the drives in the 
K12LTSP el version? Also, with the smb/ldap, how would one split home 
directories between servers. I have 290 ibooks plus win and linux in the 
junior high and another 150 ltsp, xp, win98, machines in the high 
school. I'm putting k12ltsp in both for added machines(and the eventual 
replacement of everything..muuuhahaha)I wanted to put a secondary/slave 
smb/ldap in the junior high to lighten the burden on the network. Or is 
there a better way to go about replicated smb/ldap? fds maybe?

Mark Gumprecht
Data Systems Specialist
Unity, ME
gumprechtm at msln.net

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