[K12OSN] SAMBA/LDAP install problems

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Wed May 25 22:39:24 UTC 2005

I apologize....I must have missed the message....the script is ONLY
written for FC 3 or K12LTSP 4.2 (which is based on FC 3).  You need to
have the FC 3 or K12LTSP 4.2 install disks for it to work.  If you wish to
use CentOS....you're going to have to do everything manually.  (which is
documented in the same document as the smbldap-installer).  We have no
immediate plans to rewrite for CentOS, but Gideon Romm is working on a
somewhat OS agnostic rewrite, but it is a ways from being ready.  I just
received a copy today and hope to test in a bit.  One idea to try....do a
FULL install of CentOS....install EVERYTHING...and then try running the
script....it just may work.  Share your results here.  (the advantage of
the full install is that you may install 99% of the packages needed and
thus not need the CD's)

"Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com> on
Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 10:34 AM +0000 wrote:
>At 10:18 AM 5/25/2005, Bill Bardon wrote:
>>On Wednesday, May 25 David Trask wrote:
>> > You've still failed to answer the two questions above....if you won't
>> > answer...we can't help you.  The error log tells us nothing more than
>> > it's not working, but without knowing what distribution of Linux
>> > you're using and whether or not you are using the smbldap-installer
>> > from the top of my page at http://web.vcs.u52.k12.me.us/linux/smbldap
>> >  the error log is
>> > useless.
>>But David, he did answer.  He's using CentOS, and he did a manual
>>install, not the smbldap-installer.  Here's his message again:
>I did run the smblldap-installer.  Version 1.2.1
>And CentOS can be found at  www.centos.org
>>"As I said in my message, but it was toward the bottom, Centos 4.0
>>"I started at the beginning of your script.  I said I had fedora (I
>>thought  I had to say something).  The script then asked me for disk 3,
>>which of  course I did not have.  But as I looked through the messages,
>>the rpms that  were being asked from from that CD were already in the
>>script's  directory!  So I copied them to the temp directory that the
>>script was  using, and let things go.
>It was where the script asked me what distro, I answered fedora.  I think
>tried centos, and it did not like that and asked again?
>>"I have not booted the system since I started the install, so if there
>>is something I can find...."
>I have since had do boot.  Did something stupid in which process I killed 
>for something else I was doing and the GUI went blewy.  Power down and 

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